Our values

We believe in building creative solutions that your business actually needs. So, if you're happy, we're happy.

We aim to give all businesses equal access to innovative and tailored sales technology - no matter how great, or small.
We guarantee our solutions will meet your needs. If they don't, we won't stop untill you're 100% satisfied.
Our dedicated after-sales support means if you have any issues, our tailored 24-hour support network is always ready.

Our strategy

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We Connect

We might have reached out to you, or you might have reached out to us. Either way, we'll have a meeting to discuss how you wish to improve your business. Whether it's a new website, better point of sale systems or even customer WiFi to increase customer engagement - we'll be ready to listen and action it.

Business Analysis

Our team will then analyse your business and determine what solutions it will need to reach your goals. Also, we'll keep you updated throughout the whole process - as we believe the best way to understand a business is by first understanding its creator.

Strategy Proposal

We then write up a proposal of the necessary services to be provided, and how this will be strategised. And of course, we'll meet up again for you to talk with us about the proposal and if it meets your expectations. We won't stop until you're happy.

Strategy Implementation

We then pass this information back to our hard working developers so they can build whatever you need. We'll keep you informed all the way, and work with you to create the best possible results. This is where the magic happens.


We then reveal the final implemented solution for your business. If there are any issues we won't stop until you're happy. Plus, our 24-hour support is always here if you need us.

Our Goals For Your Business

IT Solutions

Website Design, Hosting and SEO Strategy

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iPad Point of Sale and KDS Systems

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Customer WiFi with Behavioural Analytics

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Every GoPlex Solution comes with a Free 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee.